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Staccato Printing


Staccato screening uses variable micro dot digital screening to produce photo like print quality

When ultra high resolution is of the utmost importance, Staccato screening is the way to go. Almost all images will improve with the use of Staccato because Staccato gives you the equivalent of a 340-line conventional screen while many conventionally screened images are produced with no more than 133-150-line screen. With Staccato, the conventional dot has been replaced with one that is so much smaller and more concentrated – the result is nearby imperceptible from continuous tone which gives your printed images photo-like quality.

The incredible results are particularly pronounced on small images that can be compromised by halftone rosettes with conventional screening, and on images with a linear component such as patterns in clothing or other images like bricks, autos of the reproduction of small type.

The latest digital proofing hardware and software create proofs as close to the final printed product than virtually any proofing device in the conventional dot world. This allows you unsurpassed predictability from proofs to the actual press run. Accurate and predictable proofing eliminates the need to “color correct on the press.”

Colors say consistent throughout the press run thanks to the microdot structure that carries a more efficient distribution of ink through most of the tonal range. In most cases, because of the dot characteristics of Staccato, even dramatic changes in the ink density on press will have little effect on the printed piece; it yields far more consistent color throughout the press run as compared to conventional screening.

In addition, there is no need to worry about the substrate. On coated stocks, uncoated stocks, synthetic sheets, recycled sheets, and other fine papers, the more efficient ink distribution of Staccato screening is the way to go.

If you are looking for eye-popping results on your process printed projects, join the Staccato revolution. But revolutions aren’t for everyone. The best course of action is to consult your Mulligan print professional and let us show why Staccato is right for you.