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Mail Marketing in 5 Steps

spamlr.jpgNow more than ever direct mail can be your key to success. With e-mail boxes stuffed with SPAM, and filters discarding your message, many marketing executives recognize the power of direct mail to augment their marketing campaign. They find that mail drives foot traffic into retail shops, gerates web site traffic, showcases products which may be missed on their website and targets customers who are not on-line. Proper campaign design and accurate mail lists are key to success and along with the information below you get your message to your customers and not end up in the trash.

Step 1: Evaluate your current customers. Who are your best customers? Where do they live? What are their preferences? What are their demographics? Why do they do business with you?

Step 2: Personalize and provide incentives. Marketing works when your prospects want to respond to an offer.

Step 3: Test with a small group to prove your customer demographics and response rates. If the response rates are low then you may need to tweak the offer or change the mail list.

Step 4: Set realistic response goals. Be conservative rather than too optomistic and be disappointed. Typically direct mail returns approximately 1% but this is only an average. Some response rates are less than .2%. Yet utilizing market segmentation, personalization and variable data targeted marketing, the returns can run 2 to more than 10 times the average.

Step 5: Track and measure your results for each mailing and by campaign. This will help you determine what works.